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Manor House in Kluknava, Guesthouse&Restaurant

Manor House - Guesthouse&Restaurant




My dear Fellow Travellers,

This guide will bring you into a land of  unusual  beauties in eastern Slovakia and  northern Hungary. You will find yourself in a region of fantasy castles and picturesque villages and towns with ancient history, unusual sights and untouched natural surroundings, that will take your breath away. You are entering a magical world.

We presenting you with four of the  better known tourist sites - Betliar, Jasov, Krásnohorské Podhradie and the town of Rožňava. However, we want to  focus on lesser-known towns, because they deserve more attention. We want start by tracing the homes of the Thurzo and Csáky families, then we will drop in on Rozhanovce on the east side of Košice, known for  the battle that took place in the Middle Ages. We will let you wander through old mining towns and  welcome you to relax in  the spa at Štós, where you can relax after your arduous journey and continue into the north of Hungary.

This guide was created through European Union sponsored  project known as  "The Historical Monuments and Tourism Without Borders"  to improve cross-border cooperation.

We want to introduce you to the historical sites and places of interest, which can be found in Richanava, Gelnica, Krásna Hôrka. The  castle regions of Turna Abaújvár dominate this border area. The village Kluknava with its 18thCentury baroque castle and the adjoining Štefanská Huta is in fact one of the most important localities in Eastern Slovakia. Abaújvár is its partner village in the Hungary is a site not to be missed.

We will offer you tips on what you should see and have forgotten the abundant nature of the area, unspoilt since the 1700’s, with its wildlife and flora. We take you gradually through the Slovenské Rudohorie (Slovak Ore Mountains) to the  Volovské hills, and Medzev highlands, across the Jasov plateau, into the Slovak Karst National Park up to the frontier crossing at Milhošť – Tornyösnémeti into  the foothills of the Zemplín Hills.

Wishing you a safe journey and some exceptional experiences to bring home with you.

Via Mirabilis, n.o.


Invitation to 3rd Castle Games in castle White Lady & Black Knight

opening July 4th 2015  at 14:00


14:30 - 15:30  performance of martial arts, duels and small group fights, display of armory, cloths, weapons

15:30 - 17:00 refreshment and games and competitions for the children, photos with the knights , horse walk and more...

17:00 - 18:00 performance of martial arts, show of various weapons fights

20:30 bonfire or indoor programe  videos of festval performace of Eastern Aliance, talks about  reconstructure of a fortress in Abaújvár, invitation to Abaújvár festival, ...

Games and lessons for children continue on Sunday morning


Cordial invitation to a Festival in Abaújvár

We are happy to invite you to Abaújvár to enjoy festival of martial arts, programme starts from mornin g till late evening

 August 16th

Traditions of Kluknava in old movies

We have  a pleasure to invite you to enjoy evening of old movies club in Big sallon of castle White Lady & Black Knight

February 15th,  we start at  16:00