The Director-General to invite you to the opening of the exhibition of the STM Vasiľa and Peter Svaljavčika

09. 06. 2014

Vernissage of the exhibition 9.6.2014 by 16: 00.

Themes in the creation of visual artists in the period preceding the Thalia a hundred years.

02. 06. 2014


from 10: 00 to 18: 00 pm.

Museum of Ulm Cathedral, street 20, Alžbetina Löfflera

Next events


von 10:00 bis 06:00.

Museum des Ulmer Münster, Straße 20, Alžbetina Löfflera

20.05.2014  -  24.05.2014
od 9:00 – 17:00 hod.
Východoslovenské múzeum Košice,Námestie Maratónu mieru 2 
We cordially invite you on tours of the Spiš Castle and plenty of abandoned zaujímavych events.We look forward to You
09: 00-19: 00 last entry 18: 00.
Spiš Castle
053 04 Spišské Podhradie
8.04.2014 to 4.05.2014.
09: 00-17: 00 pm.
Home 88, Košice

International plenarna  exhibition of photographers Rejdovej.

The beginning of each to wander in front of the State scientific library (10). Info and advance (1,5 €): information centre MiC in FROM Poland, tel: (055) 186, 16. Tickets can be bought at the beginning to wander before the scientific library (10) for $ 2.99. End to wander so far non statutory. 

permanent exhibition
The MINING TRADITION in artistic MANIFESTATIONS of the opening 14. January 2014 about 16.00 p.m.
in the framework of the project 

The exhibition in the House of the craft shows hrnčiarsku of the middle ages and the modern era archaeological finds from the production to the current production of earthenware crafts masters in Košice, Slovakia. The House of handicrafts grew on the site of the city walls, and presents a cross-section of their complex system. At the same time it is a place that gradually approaches the history of the craft and cechovníctva and take the form of traditional crafts in the contemporary world.

Address: 059 06 Červený Kláštor

From 1.1.2013 to 29.2.2013 Monday to Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs.

From 1.5.2013 to 31.8.2013 Monday to Sunday from 8.00 to 19.00 hrs.

Admission: 3 € adults, 2 €, 1 €, children 6-15 years, pensioners, students and the disabled, family ticket € 7, € 2, € 2 photo video.

Cave Driny

28. 08. 2013

The cave is open from 1. April to 31 December 2006. October

from 09: 00 to 18: 00

Manager-Peter Hunchback

address-919 04 Netherlands

phone-+ 421 (0) 32/62 00/558

email – 

Rain Fairy from the 15.7-21.7.2013
-fairy tale musical for Stará Ľubovňa Castle
-Castle Theatre event with songs.
-10.30 am, 12.30, 14.30, 16.30 time concerts. 

The cave belongs to most known and by tourists most resorted Slovak caves. This glory of Slovenský kras /Slovak karst/ lies in the southwestern part of Silická planina /Silicka plateau/. It was discovered in 1926, but for the public it was accessed in 1932. Jaskyňa Domica /Domica cave/ has the total length about 5000 metres and is especially typical for big temples, for example Majkov dóm /Majkov temple/ with cascade tarns. It exceeds by its reach stalactic decoration. The cave was also used by film producers when they shot the film version of famous fairy tale Soľ nad zlato /Salt more than gold/ by Pavol Dobšinský. Domica with neighbouring cave Bradla on Hungarian territory in total length around 25 kilometres of which only one quarter occurs on the land of Slovakia, are belonging part of bigger cave system. For example boating along the subterranean stream of river Styx is an attraction. The cave is unpretentious sight-seeing; stairs occur sporadically and they are easy. Visit can be recommended also to the seniors. Domica is in the UNESCO registry. A DOMICAI - Barlang (Jaskyňa Domica)

  On a dolomite rock 200 m above the surrounding land, at the elevation of 634 m, there is one of the most precious cultural monuments in the Spiš region that reigns over the Spiš basin - the Spiš Castle. It is not just an evidence of architectural development from the 12-th to the 18-th century. With its area of 41 426 m2 it is at the same time one of the largest castles in the Central Europe.

<span style="\\&quot;color:" rgb(0,="" 0,="" 0);="" font-family:="" \\'lucida="" grande\\',="" verdana,="" arial,="" helvetica,="" sans-serif;\\"="">Cave Bad Hole (Zlá Diera in Spis dialect called ZLA DZURA) close to a village Litovce is the only one known and accessible cave in Prešov district.

Unique collection of cinematography equipment designed by Schuster family, documenting the pioneering documentary film in Slovakia.

Date: from 1. 3. 2013 to 28. 3. 2013          Where?  in Medzev Admission: adults 1,5 EUR          children, discounted 1EUR

A new exposure from the collection of the STM in new available multifunctional energy-minig center in Spišská Nová Ves is open.

Date: from 1. 3. 2013 to 28. 3. 2013 in SNV


05. 03. 2013

Museum Vojtecha Lofflera Košice, Elementary school of Art Kováčska 43 in Košice

Cordially invite you 

Place: Museum Vojtech Loffler, Alžbetina 20, Košice


Savour a nice christmas atmosphere on the Christmas Concert in the Roman-Catholic Church in Gelnica town. A singer Marián Banga with his magic voice will prepare an interesant experience for you and your relatives. You are welcommed.

The Museum of Spiš in Spišská Nová Ves and The Summer.House Dardanely in Markušovce would like to welcome you on the concert of pupils of the elementary art schools in a concert-hall of a summer-house Dardanely in Markušovce with starting at 4,00pm.

The Spiš Cultural Centra, the Town Cultural Center and the Mining Fellowship Spiš would like to invite you on the regional competitive exhibition of the secular singing choir, which will be to take place in concert hall in Reduta in Spišská Nová Ves at 04,00 p.m - 6th December.


Saint Nicholas will giong to invite Krompachy town on the day of 5th December, 2012 at 4,00p.m. and at 6,00p.m. in the House of Culture. At 5,30p.m. will be beautiful city christmas lights decoration light up.

Come and greet St.Nicholas in Levoča, where he will be by in the day of 5th December, 2012 at 4,00pm. An interesting programme with a charmed moderator Martin Fazekaš will enjoy to you. Programme - a played fairy-tale, a St.Nicholas´s spangle machine and lighting of the X-mas up.

Come and savor nice celebration of customs and traditions of the Gemer Region and Malohont Region to the Gemer Culture Center in Rožňava on 23rd-24th December 2012. You are welcommed.

Route: Hrabušická píla /Hrabusice sawmill/- Veľký Sokol /Big Falcon/- Glacká cesta /Glacka route/ - Malá Poľana /Small Poľana/ - Hrabušice, píla /Hrabušice, saw/  16,5km

You have to reserve your participation till 8th November 2012.


Savour a nice day in the area of historical manor house of count Andrassy in Betliar. A beautiful programme is waiting for you - Hubert´s ride and 1st Local Hunter Feast. You are welcommed.

Come and make an interesant dilalogue about a tolerance. On the date of 28th September, 2012 on the square and in Dom služieb (House of servises) in Gelnica town at 5,00p.m. You are welcomed. 

In the days of 20th-22nd September, 2012, you can be a visitor of "The Days of Krompachy Town", which will be connected with traditional market. An interestant sport and cultural programme wait for you and your family.

The Power of Dance

14. 09. 2012

Come and see to Gelnica town on the day of 14th September, 2012 an interestant performance prepare by students of conservatory from Košice. The programme will start at 8,00pm and entrance fee is 2,00Eur.

The town Rožňava invites you to its days, which will taking place in the days of 7th - 15th September, 2012. Programme: The International Meeting of Veterans, the day of open door in a municipality office and a town hall and interestant programme on swimming pool and in cultural center.

A bluegrass and country town Pálenčáreň with cooperation with Gelnica city invites you and your friends to  the 2nd Pálenčáreň March, in the date of 28th April, 2012. An action will be connected with a concert of Czech singing group named POUTNÍCI.

ROUTE: Zádiel - Zádielská dolina (Zadielska valley) - Zádielská planina (Zadielska plateau) - Turniansky hrad (Turniansky castle) - Turňa nad Bodvou (Turňa over the Bodva)

Lenght of route - 12km / Convenient for unpretentious tourism

Art Of Sword

21. 04. 2012

Come and absorb an atmosphere of a renassaint school of fencing in the charge of experienced masters. There will be lectures about fence and practical school of fencing. Entrance free. Start at 10,00am.


Come in the dates of 2nd – 4th April 2012 to the Rožňava´s gallery and try to decorate traditional easter eggs, make easter rabbits, decorate baskets and binding garlands with your family and friends. Entrance fee is 0,50EUR. You are welcomed.


Mining Museum in Rožňava will be organizing course of making badges and small mirrors. It cost 12 eur and it wiil be last 2 hours. Start at 4,00pm. You can take ready products at home.

Good children may come on the day of 6th, December, 2011 for sweet rewards in the manor house in Betliar. 

In the days of 25th November till 27th November, 2011, in Košice, there will be permormed 17th year of Folklore Days in Košice where various folklore group with the same  hobbies and interests will meet together. An interesting program is prepared for folklore lovers.

We would like to invite you to newly opened tourist informative office Via Mirabilis in Kluknava´s manor house. There is situated an exhibition of beautiful oil paintings and ceramics of artist Marianna Páleníková from Prakovce.

Everyone welcome to come on Saturday 6th August 2011 to enjoy the gounds overlooked by the Castle of Krasna Horka, together with a traditional market and much more.

All day entry 6EUR (kids under 12y go free)

An exhibition of contemporary artists from Hungary.

Exhibition in the East Museum in Košice.

Program Pankuškové Carnival festival in the ski resort Plejsy from 8 to 10 February 2013 is full of typical and atypical contests, happenings and blissful feasting.